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We bring ideas to reality 
Fresh n' Tasty!

We live to create!  We have a passion to make items that resonate with people all over the globe.  What good is an idea in a sketchbook?  Not much, but that's where we come in. We can help you build that fantastic idea into a real object, make it look hot, and help you manufacture and sell that bad boy.  We love what we do, and you can see it in our work!  We’d love to hear how we can help bring your ideas to life over a cup of coffee!



OUR Services
helping build your dream

We are a studio of passionate creatives with an industrial design toolbox that includes all the skills you will need to launch and bring an innovative product to market. We have years of experience developing items from ideas to physical products in stores. We understand and provide multimedia design, computer website design, creating computer programs, sketching, product design, modeling, prototyping, engineering, patents, video marketing, presale campaigns, and retail and computer software development in the field of mobile applications. We also can perform all of the foregoing services for the purposes of promoting the goods and services of others. BRAIN TANK ® brand services include all of these services and more. We approach each client as if you’re family and do all that we can to help you succeed.


Product & Toy Design

With a portfolio of a hundred plus projects from consumer products to toys and games,  we have the experience and passion to help you bring your ideas to life.

Manufacturing & Production

We understand making items for mass market, including helping you navigate manufacturing in China with our local partners.

Branding &

Package Design

Analyzing your target audiences we will develop the identity for your item, including graphics, logos, and packaging.

Kickstarter Campaigns

We have experience in creating successful launch strategies and campaigns for crowdfunding,  allowing you to launch without holding costly inventor. 





Blake Noh Nichols

Chief Design Officer

Blake is passionate about creating innovative ideas that deliver marketable items to retail shelves. This approach has resulted in many successful products, including being nominated Europe’s Toy of the Year, Chalk Bombs. With over 14 years of experience, Blake’s expertise and unique approach have continually led to growth and increased sales

Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 5.09.27 PM.png

 J. Jac

3d Mastermind

With five years in product development, Justin has contributed to many successful product development cycles. If it's 3D he knows it a wizard with CAD and modeling. He is a crucial step in taking innovation to plastic and beyond.

Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 5.09.57 PM.png

Kevin G

Mechanical Engineer

From years of experience engineering medical devices to fun aquatic products, Kevin knows how to make it tick—n ot only in prototype phase, but ensuring it’s engineered right so everything that comes from the factory works great, too!

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 4.02.14 PM.png

Mike M

Graphic Chic

A productivity aficionado and creative content idealist, Mike is always striving to stay ahead of the bleeding edge in creative  design.  Has a love for clean and chic graphics.

Our Design Chops

37 years experience Combined

100+ Products designed

8+ Patents

8,760 hours spent in China


Emmy Winner & Best Selling Author

Success is a result of combining creativity with practicality and innovation.  Blake

offers a unique combination of these traits that can benefit any organization.





Director - Toys Warner Bros. Consumer Products

Blake has dazzled me with his ability to creatively take on a brand and deliver impressive product


fire chief.png

Blake is one of the innovative people we have identified in product development. His experience with product management from inception to final shelf product is heralded in the field.





Toy of the Year

Nominated Toy of The Year, ChalkBombs have been a viral hit. 


TutorCam Pro

2-time award winner for product design for social impact Tutorcam allows teachers and students to truly connect

glove ben simmons.JPEG

NBA shooting Glove

Developed innovative shooting device using cables and magnets to train muscle memory(Ben Simmons using shown above)


P90-X  POWR-Stands

Redesigned the pushup stand for the creator of the huge hit P90-X


Crunch Cup

Better than spooning Crunch Cups changed the way thousands of people eat cereal 

Kibble-Katcher copy.jpg

Toy Story

CoDeveloped the unique blaster mechanism for the Zurg Blaster 


King Kong

Blake Lead the design and development for the hit -Kong Skull Island Toy line.



Edisons Stock ticker reimaged for a new generation of investors in Crypto

zurg gun.jpg

Toy Story

CoDeveloped the unique blaster mechanism for the Zurg Blaster 


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